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Biomass Briquetting is the process of converting...
Powered by Conventional source of energy like coal
Process agro waste, forestry waste & industrial waste.
The integral part of SUPER-60 and SUPREME-70 models
Convert agro waste, forestry waste, and municipal waste into ‘Bio-Mass Briquettes’,
a Bio-fuel, through advanced heavy-duty briquettes machines.

Welcome to Briquettes Machine Project

Today, due to the increase in the cost of conventional fuel like coal, wood and natural gas there is an immense need for an alternative source of energy. It has been understood that biomass briquetting is one of the best renewable energy project for better economy and ecology. Especially for agricultural countries biomass briquette is clean, renewable and eco-friendly source of fuel.

The Briquettes machine

Briquettes Machine is made without the use of any binder and costs less than diesel while transporting coal from mines to the place of use. Briquette plant is a new kind of technology in which all types of forestry wastes, agricultural wastes and industrial wastes are converted into the cylindrical logs without the use of any high mechanical pressure and chemical or binder. The product can be used directly as a non-conventional fuel.

How to Make India Energy Efficient?

India still lives in villages and agriculture being its main occupation. In rural India electricity and conventional fuels are still a distant dream. Providing access to electricity in rural India is still a challenge because the fuel is of poor quality and energy is being used inefficiently. The model approaches for renewable source have been developed and demonstrated.

Setting up of Briquetting Plant

Keeping this mind, JK started producing briquetting machines that manufactured briquettes from wastes. It is one of the pioneers in this technology which makes it the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of briquette machines. The humble beginnings of the company started in 1994 under the leadership of Mr. Sanjay Tilala who is presently the Managing Director and the Chairman of the company.

Company Profile

Putting environment ahead of business, JK since 1994, under the visionary leadership of Managing Director MR.SANJAY TILALA with its futuristic and technology-driven.....


It takes a great team to translate the vision of "growth with a greener and better tomorrow for all" into reality. Responding to the needs of the vision is JAY KHODIYAR INDIA management...

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