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Biomass Briquette

Biomass Briquette is a Bio Fuel like any other varieties of Bio Fuels like Vegetable Oil, Biodiesel, Bio alcohol, Ethanol, and Biogas. The difference between Biomass Briquette and other types of Bio Fuels is that of the source. To produce Bio Fuel of other nature it requires yielding or producing a primary source. These primary sources are in the form of plants like Corn, Sugarcane, Jatropha, Rape Seed, Wheat, Sugar, Palm Oil, Miscanthus, Sorghum, and Cassava etc. On the other hand to manufacture Briquette it does not need any primary source specially produced for it, for briquettes are made from waste materials. These waste materials are obtained from various sources like Agricultural waste, Forest waste, and Municipal waste.

Modus Operandi of Fuel Briquette Machine

The very first process starts with the waste material being conveyed to Briquetting Machinery Plants and in next course of action; this raw material is processed through a number of machines. The different machines that are employed or used to manufacture Briquettes consist of Crusher, Shredder, Turbo Dryer, and Bio Coal Briquette machine. Manufacturing process of Biomass Briquettes begins with Crusher. This machine crushes to the rough raw material into tiny pieces. In next process, the crushed raw material is poured in Shredder for milling to turn the material into powdered form. After this process, Turbo Dryer comes into the picture, in which the raw material in the powdered form is processed to evaporate the moist content present in it. Once the raw material gets dried, it is then sent for the final process to the Biomass Briquette Machine for producing Briquettes. This machine is quite popular among industries as Bio Coal Briquette Machine as industries across genres see it as a replacement of Coal in the manufacturing process.

Benefits of Biomass Briquettes